Collapsenet Lunatics Ignoring Hemp Fuel making USA Energy Independent

Michael Ruppert Fraud Dividing and Conquering his audience NWO Hemp Revolution

Cheney Energy Task Force: A guide for journalists from the Council on Foreign Relations
In that link you will find a link between the Council on Foreign Relations (new world order) and Matthew Simmons, who was the largest investment banker in the world and peak oil advocate. Michael Ruppert promoted Council on Foreign Relations scumbags who are part of an agenda to suppress alternative energy sources and make it appear as if the world is running out of energy. Dick Cheney was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations click here to see a list of CFR members.

Michael Ruppert Dividing and Conquering Listen to what he says! Barack Obama Agrees with Mike ruppert that growing the economy is not a good strategy. If collapse is real why is Michael Ruppert ignoring solutions, ignoring science and reason?

NOBODY deserves to die! There is a cure for cancer and it is illegal! Search RUN FROM THE CURE. Big energy companies LOVE how cannabis (hemp) is illegal. In fact, you could say Collapse is ONLY happening because the BIG CORPORATIONS keep Cannabis illegal. Without corrupt laws the new world order could not have gotten this rich selling toxic products!

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent pot smokers. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from´╗┐ its inception.

Fukushima clean-up may require removal of 100 million cubic meters of soil
Phytoremediation: Using Plants to Clean Soil
Hemp “Eats” Chernobyl Waste

This video is to document and provide evidence of such contact to collapsenet if collapse is real why is this information being ignored? I have emailed him in the past and other people at collapsenet, and nobody is interested in sustainability or self sufficiency?

I have contacted many people within “alternative” media maybe future videos will also document that too. Whos side are you on Mike? Show us! Why can’t alternative media work WITH TRUTH and not propagate BS and disinfo!

I have to ask, does mike ruppert work for big energy companies? I am not saying he is I am asking a question because I am baffled why he ignores truth. Are my emails and messages to collapsenet being censored or what is going on here?

Aerospace Corporations, energy companies, military contractors are DOING JUST FINE during these rough economic times, in fact they are LOVIN IT.

HEMP Repairs toxic radioactive soil and turns something awful into something useful YET mike ruppert IGNORES THIS WHY ON EARTH DOES HE REPORT ON THE SOIL REMOVAL BUT NOT HOW TO FIX IT. They have to try!

Fighting The Damage Caused By Radiation