Lack of Co-operation Mainstream Disinfo in Alternative Media

People should be so pissed off how even alternative media are watching people suffer instead of helping to co-operate while I am taking time off my job to share truth and educate others. Mainstream and alternative Media are fear mongering getting attention instead of truth. People in the alternative media are sound asleep researching the new world order keeping the blood for oil going because hemp fuel would make all toxic energy sources used today obsolete! The cost of living is being kept artificially high and think of all bullshit promoted by media, WHY ISN’T MAINSTREAM AND ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SHARING TRUTH WHEN I TAKE TIME OFF MY JOB IN A WOODSHOP, DOES MEDIA WANT TO COLLAPSE THE ECONOMY INSTEAD OF SAVING IT?

What a pathetic world this is where people in the alternative media ignore the same information as mainstream media, and the masses don’t know about hemp fuel this whole time the elitst media know about hemp fuel, so many activists have been telling them. It wouldn’t take long to prevent what is known as economic collapse, some hemp strains mature in 60-90 days, read my Hemp page for more information, Hemp can produce 10 tons of biomass per acre every four months. Biomass has a heating value of 5000-8000 BTU/lb. The hemp plant is one of the only plants that can be harvested year-around in states like California, or Florida for example.

There is still a media BLACKOUT. Below are links to mainstream and alternative media bullshit, disinformation and possibly PSYOP preventing the masses from realizing accurate conclusions, mainstream gets all the attention and alternative media promote mainstream disinformation.
Instead of promoting hemp fuel making USA energy independent in 2012 promotes mainstream media

Where is the effort to educate others about making America or other countries energy independent in 2012 with hemp fuel that would reduce the cost of living so cheap, its not even funny the lack of co-operation to share the truth while bullshit gets attention making people live in fear about a high cost of living! So many people follow solar activity and solar storms waiting for the grid to come down, are those people out of their damn minds? Why are there so many people even kids committing suicide? Could it be related to all the disinformation making them live in fear and feel helpless like the world is collapsing?

Why is a Canadian trying harder than Americans to educate the masses to realize Hemp Fuel can replace all poisonous forms of energy? America, or any country could be energy independent with renewable hemp fuel. Instead of trying to educate the masses about Hemp Fuel in 2012 media have been distracting people with disinformation and PSYOP. Media blackouts are used, in particular, in times of declared war, to keep useful intelligence from the enemy. The unconstitutional laws against cannabis need to be repealed, help end cannabis prohibition. Support Independent Media and make sure there is reliable sources of information, do your own research, share my videos and help educate the masses.