July Update

I can’t afford to take days off work to share truth, educate others. I need to save up and move out of my mothers place. I will be spending less time online with everything I have been, especially because I am frustrated at the lack of co-operation to share truth and educate the masses, its so easy to send emails and share information. I am exposing so much controlled opposition and phoney activism who get a lot of support while the truth about Hemp Fuel gets ignored! Think of all the misinformed students, educate the students before they get indoctrinated into the corrupt education system that bullies students to not smoke weed, keeping America dependent on poisonous cancer causing energy sources and paying a high cost of living, high cost of education. Don’t people care about lowering the cost of living by ending cannabis prohibition? Obama shows Americans don’t ask don’t tell was repealed, the laws against cannabis could have been repealed decades ago.


Please share my videos help wake up the masses, WHY do an ELITIST MINORITY know about Hemp fuel while the masses don’t know…