Visit my new website

I recently have been getting some donations to help me so I don’t struggle, a total of $129.81 this year so far, I have purchased a video card which is already in my computer, and with the recent $50 donation from someone in Japan, that allowed me to start my own website. WordPress was limiting what I can do, I am able to do more with my own website which can be found at

I am happy with the little co-operation I have been getting and I really appreciate the donations I have gotten so far, think about this: Last year I DID NOT have my own computer, I was using my mothers slow computer to make low quality videos, until someone in Australia sent me a donation for $500 so I could build myself a computer. Most of my work would have never happened if I never got that $500 donation last year. I would never have had the time to put everything together because my mother uses her computer. That donation changed everything.

If I was not broke every week with no money I would have ordered the website myself and gotten my own computer, I would be buying my own HD camera to record video and other stuff I need, except I struggle with money every week, so I am relying on donations to help me out. There are countless websites making a lot of money that have advertising who ignore the truth about cannabis. Even the hijacked cannabis activist movement is making money ignoring and censoring how to end prohibition keeping kids confused about weed when they try and research (most popular websites show up in the search first)

I will NOT be having advertising on my website, which is very rare because most websites that don’t have ads are selling something to generate income. Instead of ads or selling stuff, I ask for donations to help keep everything going. There are a lot of ideas I already have for my website like a troll free message board.

I have already done a lot of work, even installed wordpress and imported my blog here to be on my website. I had problems getting all the images I had uploaded on this blog to move to my new website, and the video embed isn’t working it shows code instead of embedding youtube videos. I have a lot of work to do and I am happy to be getting this much co-operation!

I am interested to hear any comments, suggestions or ideas.