Truth needs more Support than the Mainstream

It is important to Support Independent Media and make sure there is reliable sources of information, there is too much useless BS on the internet and youtube, do your own research, share my videos and help educate the masses to repeal the laws and end cannabis prohibition. If you would like to help me with a donation so I don`t struggle every week, I can use any help I can get, my email is

Think of all the money mainstream and alternative media make ignoring and censoring what I work so hard for free to do! I am sick and tired of paying my rent at my mothers, I need to move out and start saving up. I will never be able to start saving up at the pace I am at, I spend too much of my time to share truth for free, sometimes I take days off work which means less money from my actual job, mainstream and alternative media dont work real jobs. My mother always argues with me telling me im wasting my time making videos and cannabis prohibition will never end! Sooner or later she will be proven wrong. What kind of sick anti-life world is this.

I am not in it for money, I am too broke to afford to buy computer upgrades, a camera so I don`t use my cell phone camera, and my own website. I shouldn`t have to live in fear to ask for help. I am not in this for money, its not about me, its about ending cannabis prohibition, and educating the masses. Help would make my hard work that is full of stress easier.

I have so much important information being ignored and censored.

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