Warp Drive Now Vortex Formation in the Wake of Dark Matter Propulsion


Ending Cannabis Prohibition will allow for faster development of space travel because cannabis prohibition is keeping the most superior resource Cannabis outlawed that keeps the cost of living artificially high. Nobody dies from cannabis, and water kills people. Think of all the coffee shops, cannabis is safer than coffee, coffee kills, there would be so many new business opportunities so many new jobs are being held back because of paranoia! The government is preventing a free market by maintaining prohibition, cannabis (hemp) can create over 50,000 products, cannabis plants create oxygen, and breathe in CO2 creating a healthy, sustainable system. Think about it hemp fuel can make America or any other country energy independent with a renewable energy source and it won’t take long at all! Repeal the unconstitutional laws and end cannabis prohibition, Obama repealed don’t ask don’t tell and other laws get repealed, free up resources, energy, and stop the war against people over a plant safer than drinking water!