2 thoughts on “Canada Could have Low Fuel Energy Food Prices So Fast

  1. This applies to many countries, not just Canada. Many countries repeal laws, repealing a law makes the law null and void, as if it were never passed. laws get repealed when they do more harm than the reasoning for the law. If people only knew the truth, there is so much media distracting everyone even censoring the truth preventing discussion of truth. There are a lot of paid agents distracting people with emotion and they always go off topic attacking the messenger never attacking or debunking the message they just attack the messenger and hope nobody does research. this is so sad, and i cant even complain about getting censored without gullible morons who follow the phony truth movement who attack me or pass my research off because I dont agree with alternative media and i say they are distracting people, they are they censored truth while all the disinfo is viral. economic collapse propaganda is working people are distracted, conspiracy research has been utterly divided and hijacked by big money. people even in the cannabis movement blame the globalists for everything but they are not preventing the laws being repealed. the globalists dont want the laws repealed thats why they pay for so many distractions (media) and censor truth like how clear compass media censored my thrive exposed videos, they even deleted my vimeo uploads. its hard work its not easy on my shoulder to keep uploading videos and typing, even copying and pasting to save time. disinfo agents attack me for not having quality content like alex jones this is fucked up he has annual $500,000 money bombs and when i ask for help people send me hate and unsubscribe. fuck those selfish pricks cannabis prohibition could have been ended long ago. they are using guilt tactics and fake spirituality (that doesnt give a fuck people suffer and die! but dont swear oh my god stay away from weed big brother is looking out for you) to lure activists so when they see my videos they ridicule me and do not do research debunking anything i present they just attack the messenger COINTELPRO style it stresses me out man this is fucked its why i approve comments on some videos, its getting way, way out of control they are dividing everyone its not fair its such a massive massive conspiracy of monumental proportions

  2. Yes im in total agreement. The stupidity of governments and the attitudes toward the bennefits of growing hemp. I live in new zealand and i get angry how the news media presents the latest cannabis hayl discovered and destroyed by the police when it is that plant that could solve so many of the problems we are all faceing today.

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