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Please support independent media and donate. I barely get by week after week I am still broke after paying rent and everything. donations would help so I don’t struggle, all my hard work is free. I have lots of educational material, great videos for people to learn more and do more research. I have had massive censorship from the mainstream AND alternative media, even NASA. Why does media need so much money to ignore while people suffer! I have to struggle and work with limited tools, I shouldn’t have to live in fear to ask for help. The only donation I got this year was less than 5 dollars you can see the progress in the chipin page the link is below, it was the last money she had in her bank, I am very thankful for her efforts.

I really appreciate all donations, no matter how small, eventually I would like to buy a camera, computer upgrades, and I would love to have my own website instead of using my blog that is limited. I will try and save up myself for everything I need, but it will take a long time. I don’t make a lot of money at work, and I can use any help I can get. Alex Jones lives in a mansion and has annual $500,000 money bombs. I live at my mothers and I would not expect anyone to pay my rent to move somewhere else. I could save up and move out in 3-5 months which is what I am going to do. Its amazing how much evidence there can be against Alex Jones, while he can continue to lie and distract so many.

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I prove Alex Jones is Spreading DISINFO

Foster Gamble promotes the idea of “non-violation” in the movie Thrive while Actively suppressing free speech, cures for disease and violating freedom of speech! I proved Thrive wrong on many levels. Rich people make a disinformation movie, censor my videos exposing it on youtube AND vimeo.

Youtube Censors Antimatter Documentary!