Donations would really help; Disinfo is popular

I work my job, and after I get home tired, I keep trying to share information to end cannabis prohibition while getting banned at the Infiltrated and Hijacked Cannabis Activist Websites full of disinformation just like godlikeproductions, abovetopsecret or other websites. I am banned from sharing truth to get people past the disinformation, I am met with incredible censorship and resistance from the so called truth movement. I Barely get by week after week, and I could really use some help. All the disinformation agents get so much help they are popular and the truth is not! If you want to help me to keep making free videos, I would love to get some donations so I can buy a camera, computer upgrades, and I would love to have my own website instead of using this blog that is limited. My censored documentaries will be available for free to stream if I had my own website, and NO advertising. I have a lot more videos and documentaries to create, and donations would give me money so I can make better videos. It takes a lot of hard work to do what I am doing, and im working with limited tools!

I started a page on the website chipin.

I will try and save up myself for everything I need, but it will take a long time. I don’t make a lot of money at work, and I can use any help I can get. I would love to have my own website instead of using this blog. I have my address below if you can help, If I receive a donation I would update right away.

Myles O’Howe
6273 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2H 1L7, Canada

I am able to accept Paypal, international money order, Western Union, or cheque. If you can donate to help my efforts please e-mail me at

Total 2012 Donations : $4.81 USD
Total 2011 Donations : $500.00

If you can help me out, thank you very much! And if you can’t please share my free work to get the message out so the controlled opposition doesn’t so easily hijack the activist movement like Thrive is doing.

Alex Jones lives in mansion and spreads disinformation, while reaching 15 million viewers a week and having $500,000 money bombs every year and he does not work to end cannabis prohibition. It seems so many people are supporting liars, frauds and controlled opposition while the truth gets ignored. Do you see anything wrong with this picture or is most of everyone sound asleep? Foster Gamble promotes the idea of “non-violation” in the movie Thrive while Actively suppressing free speech, cures for disease and violating freedom of speech! I showed how Thrive is big time disinformation. Rich people make a disinformation movie, censor my videos exposing it on youtube AND vimeo, and people ridicule me!

How can the world Thrive with all this censorship and ignorance towards one plant? Millions of lives are lost every year because of lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on Earth, the best food source, the best medicine, and so much more. Thrive ignored hemp and promoted false cancer cures which can have fatal effects!

I get censorship from websites promoting peak oil which I prove is mind control.

Update April 5: I was so happy to find a donation made of $4 dollars and 81 cents USD, I now have $4.22 CAD in my paypal account. Almost enough to start my own website! I was trying to save up myself for months now, but at the end of every pay day I am broke after paying rent, buying organic food, $20 in hemp seeds every week which I could grow myself, but everything is so corrupt and the hijacked cannabis activist movement has got people in a deep sleep, people thank me for sharing information about repealing the laws, cannabis prohibition could have been ended decades ago, but profit and greed have suppressed honesty and truth for too long.

Not to pick on just Alex Jones, anybody else could have been promoting repealing cannabis laws and ending this decades ago and I wouldn’t have to be spending all my spare time to save any future I might be able to live on this planet I am fighting for my own freedom here, and to say this isn’t a fight would be to ignore reality. My life has been for the past year and a half working a job, coming home to figure out all this nonsense, I used to follow the cannabis websites I now have big problems with because the truth is right in plain sight and it was hidden from me very well, conspiracy research has been successfully diverted in the cannabis activist movement by controlled opposition who don’t want the masses to realize accurate conclusions. If I could be fooled anyone can, its what took me so long to start making videos and my blog. I only properly researched in the later part of 2011 the difference between repealing the law and legalization. Most people don’t do that they just follow the existing popular cannabis websites and most people assume oh they must be on our side they promote all those celebrity figures and legalization…They won’t fool me anymore. If I only had more free time to spend on the computer.