Cannabis Activist Websites Infiltrated and Hijacked

Mainstream media, alternative media are making too much money to actually want to end cannabis prohibition, this could have been ended years ago but these cult like leaders in media have been the focus of attention instead of ending cannabis prohibition. Many cannabis activist websites are promoting Legalization which sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control) Why won’t a lot of cannabis website promote Repealing the cannabis laws if they are for the movement?

I hope Marc Emery can be released from prison sooner than later. If George Bush had offered him pardon he would probably fall for it too (same republican pre-corrupted platform!)

Many websites not just the ones I mention are all supporting Ron Paul and ignoring truth. If Ron Paul is so good for the people why do the people have to be manipulated and coerced through the whole thing? The propaganda is being pushed so extensively promoting Ron Paul.

Be your own leader. Do your own Research. Ron Paul wrote a book called The Case for Gold with Lewis Lehrman. Lew is a papal knight (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) Lew was on the board of directors of The Project for a New American Century. Lewis Lehrman is a member of the CFR and The Council for National Policy. The CNP consists of powerful individuals in the military industrial complex (Black Water aka Xe) banking cartels, multi-national corporations, previous presidents/presidential candidates, Prime Minister of Canada, Evangelical Christian Zionists, Scientology, Mormons and a lot of the guests Alex Jones has on his radio “program” on a regular basis. Meaning that, it is behind the phony patriot movement, tea party, libertarians and other types of activism.

Ron Paul supported a Bill to Repeal Notice its not legalizing? It’s on the right track.

(a) Prohibition on Certain Shipping or Transportation- This Act shall not apply to marihuana, except that it shall be unlawful only to ship or transport, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, marihuana, from one State, Territory, or District of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, into any other State, Territory, or District of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, or from any foreign country into any State, Territory, or District of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, when such marihuana is intended, by any person interested therein, to be received, possessed, sold, or in any manner used, either in the original package or otherwise, in violation of any law of such State, Territory, or District of the United States, or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

Proof that bill isn’t ending the war on cannabis:

‘(b) Penalty- Whoever knowingly violates subsection (a) shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.’.

They want to have the mass police state at the borders with mass security that will ensure there is a black market for drugs because if sharing or trade is allowed over the borders it means everything gets cheaper.

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it. Thomas Jefferson was a hemp farmer. In early Colonial times people could pay their taxes with hemp!

A full repeal occurs where the entire Act is repealed because the law is doing more harm than the reasoning for the law.

Regulate: to govern or direct according to rule
Control: to exercise restraining or directing influence over : (i.e. to regulate)
Tax: to make onerous (troublesome/burdensome) and rigorous demands on

Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

Legalized Medicinal marijuana is a scam because it discriminates and limits access to this harmless medicine that saves lives. Nobody dies or suffers injury from THC. I used to promote legalization because I followed the existing cannabis websites promoting legalization, then I did research and discovered alcohol prohibition ended with a Repeal and a lot more. If I can change my mistake why can’t others? Making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Cannabis needs to be exempted from all laws practically everywhere, the only way to put the cartels out of business is to allow the cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution, sales, trade, sharing, possession, consumption and use of cannabis (hemp) for industrial, medicinal, nutritional and recreational purposes repealed. Nobody has any right to restrict anyone, any age, a harmless plant safer than drinking water.

The war on drugs/cannabis won’t go away by setting limits on cannabis, or even blocking trade, sharing, sales of cannabis over the borders, at any level, they want more security for the police state, that only ensures there is a war on drugs and cannabis. If sharing or trade is allowed over the borders it means everything gets cheaper. The cartels want to control and fix the prices.

Energy Companies and Corporations have a monopoly because the superior energy source and resource is outlawed by corruption. If cannabis prohibition ended so many new businesses and jobs would be created instantly. Everything made from toxic oil today, can be made from non-toxic hemp. Any limits or restrictions on hemp are preventing a free market. Would you want a license to grow vegetables? The idea of having a license for cannabis sounds like the Slave Master telling the slaves how many plants they can grow. Nobody has any right to dictate!

Definition of CARTEL:
1: a written agreement between belligerent nations
2: a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices
3: a combination of political groups for common action

Example of CARTEL: a cartel of oil-producing nations that controls production and influences prices

Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel was found swimming with the fishes! Wide use of Rudolf Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolf Diesel’s death.

USA consumes ~19,150,000 barrels of oil per day (bbl/day)

1800 gallons of hemp oil per acre=42 barrels of oil (42 gallons in a barrel)

half of the arable land in USA 235 million acres

235,000,000 x 42 = 9,870,000,000 barrels of oil
USA consumes ~ 7,008,900,000 barrels every year

Anyone who does not think there is enough land to grow hemp for fuel and still grow food crops need to take a serious look at all the waste land that can be converted into arable land. 6 ways mushrooms can save the world. Hemp would also be a great resource to convert land into arable land good for growing food crops.

If you are not new to this, I am sorry for repeating information, the masses need to be educated.

Our number one need is oxygen. Hemp and bamboo are the two fastest growing plants on the planet. Both have a uniquely bright infrared signature, creating oxygen and breathing in CO2. Bamboo grows in tropical and semi-tropical zones. Hemp grows everywhere but the poles. We need to switch fuels. Alcohol and hemp seed oil still burn oxygen, but create it while they are growing. Gasoline does not.

The first diesel fuel was made from oil pressed from hemp seeds. It’s non-toxic, a nitrogen fixer, grows well nearly everywhere, a renewable resource, makes food, fuel, paper, rope, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, housing and much more.

The seeds can be pressed and used for diesel. Leaves and stalks can be fermented and used for fuel grade alcohol. Hemp harvests the most ethanol per acre compared to the alternatives, up to 10 times more than corn ethanol. Low THC hemp plants produce less seed and ethanol per acre compared to other strains. Some varieties mature in 60-90 days.

Despite Industrial Hemp having 50,000 uses, Dupont, Rockefeller, Hearst, Mellon and their constituents cornered the industrial and medicinal market with political propaganda, to insure against the competition of hemp fuel and safe, non-addicting and biodegradable products. The blind prejudice remains. If we and the other animals on the planet are to survive, we must see through this ignorance and correct the problem.

A large amount of conspiracy websites, blogs and forums have recently become highly commercialized. (it almost seems as if conspiracies have become a trend and a money-maker)
The movement has been compartmentalized and separated. Each conspiracy theorist has his own views and is unwilling to work with others. The propaganda being pushed in the media has diluted the truth so heavily that it is extremely hard to decipher the truth from fiction. Some leaders of these movements have become so comfortable in their current situations that they fail to mention the important issues, possibly because they are afraid of losing their current income and influence.
The absence, to date, of terrorist violence on Canadian territory does not preclude the possibility of a terrorist attack. Canada’s solidarity with the United States and other Western democracies in the fight against terrorism has rendered Canada a potential target. For this reason, the intelligence, law enforcement and security communities have been working in close collaboration to identify and apprehend terrorists and thus prevent a terrorist attack from ever occurring in Canada.

How To Spot Spies/agents:

One way to neutralize a potential activist is to get them to be in a group that does all the wrong things. Why? The message doesn’t get out. A lot of time is wasted. The activist is frustrated and discouraged. Nothing good is accomplished.

FBI, CSIS, CIA, Police Informers and Infiltrators will infest any group and they have phoney activist organizations established.

Their purpose is to prevent any real movement for justice or eco-peace from developing.

Agents come in small, medium or large. They can be of any ethnic background. They can be male or female.

The actual size of the group or movement being infiltrated is irrelevant. It is the potential the movement has for becoming large which brings on the spies and saboteurs.

COINTELPRO is still in operation today under a different code name. It is no longer placed on paper where it can be discovered through the freedom of information act.

The FBI counterintelligence program’s stated purpose: To expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and otherwise neutralize individuals who the FBI categorize as opposed to the National Security Interests. “National Security” means the FBI’s security from the people ever finding out the vicious things it does in violation of people’s civil liberties.

Do your own research. Check out the CONTELPRO techniques post first you can see the techniques in action on that site every minute of the day, and in that topic just like other known CIA controlled opposition like godlikeproductions (they banned several IP addresses wherever I try they ban me from sharing truth.)

I recently got banned at the website
I am banned at the cannabis website
If you consider yourself an activist for the cannabis culture, any indifference or failure to act at this crucial time in America’s history is tantamount to betrayal. I do not choose that word lightly.

Ron Paul in 2012. To end the prohibition around the world. This year. Register Republican to vote for Paul in the primary in your state. Join his campaign RIGHT NOW. Give money to his campaign. Actively talk him up.

Marc Emery is basically saying anyone who does not support Ron Paul is betraying the movement!

Money, its all about…money! Pro-cannabis websites promote mainstream media disinformation while getting the public to give away money.

A blog post at Cannabis Culture is trying to get people to give 2 million dollars to someone on mainstream media to support them!

Then it came to me, this is the perfect opening for the national medical marijuana industry. For only $2 million a year we could buy Jim Lehrer’s favor. Ok… make that $2 million a year plus party favors. He will finally understand how important medical marijuana is and start reporting on it. If only half the dispensaries agreed to participate, we would have over a thousand sponsors. Here is how it works: $2 million dollars a year is approx $40,000 a week. Divided by 1000 dispensaries, that comes to $400 a week or about 1-2 ounces based on quality. It is a small price to pay to get such incredible publicity.
At the link above cannabis culture promote Zeitgeist which promote peak oil and other propaganda.

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