I need a miracle (Updated)

Me and my grandfather on my mothers side of the family.
Above: Me and my grandfather on my mothers side of the family who was killed with chemotherapy which only made him pass away faster. He had leukemia and the government has known since 1976 how to cure cancer (I was born 10 years later). He fought for Germany during WW2 and it is a rather strange coincidence how both grandparents were both POWs and managed to meet each other.

Below: Me with my Father and Grandfather. My grandfather died after he coughed up blood. He fought in WW2 for the Royal Canadian Air Force servicing aircraft.
Me with my Father and Grandfather

Me and my father work in a toxic environment with cancer causing chemicals, what other job doesn’t but this line of work has lots of toxins that are known to cause cancer. I am unsure if it would be wise to grow cannabis and give the corrupt police state an excuse to lock me up, no more truth being spread online like I have been trying with all my energy. I am starting to get more stable hours at work, the summer was not very busy. I still have my address below incase you can help. Im still wearing the same old clothes if you could buy me some hemp clothes I would very much appreciate that!

I can get away with making some oil from 1 ounce, and quality bud is $280 an ounce. One pound of cannabis is needed to make enough oil, I am asking enough for one ounce of cannabis that would help until I can get more for later which I will try on my own growing outdoors again next year. I have done so much work backed up by scientific evidence to prove what im saying, and all my work is free to help make everyone’s lives easier.

Why can’t this world embrace sustainability and not insist on a poison planet? My free documentary Antimatter: The Future is Now has changed people’s lives and can change many more for the good. That documentary would not be nearly as good quality if I wouldn’t have gotten a very generous donation of $500 from very sweet soul in Australia so I could build a computer for myself so I can continue to make videos. My mother did not want me on her computer anymore, and it was really slow and took forever to work. If it were not for that donation, the quality of my videos would have been what my older videos are like, and I would not have had the time to put everything together, because family uses the computer.

If you can Help my address is below
Myles O’Howe
6273 Montrose Road
Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2H 1L7, Canada

I am able to accept cash or money order/cheque. Unfortunately with paypal I would not have any method to convert the money into cash. I have not used any banks for some time now and I do not own a cell phone. If I do get any donations through paypal I need to get a new monitor, I am borrowing my fathers second monitor. He runs a business.

I have made smoked cannabis oil before but that doesn’t work very well at all you can’t cure cancers with smoked cannabis because it is NOT Decarboxylated, I need to make oil made with Rick Simpsons method which is Decarboxylated.

I have so many more ideas I would love to get into, and I have enough on my to-do list for a long time as it is. I still want to remake my documentary Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud, because I presented Michael Ruppert in those previous versions, not realizing until recently the deeper scale of how much a fraud peak oil, economic collapse really are, and the lengths corruption will go to hide truth. Michael Ruppert promoted a man who was the biggest energy investor in the world, Matthew Simmons, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Richard (Dick) Cheney, Vice President of the U.S., former Secretary of Defense, former Chairman and CEO of Halliburton, former member of the House of Representatives, guilty of War Crimes see this and this. Cheney, like Matthew Simmons was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. That is conflict of interest. Ruppert exposes Cheney yet ignores the fact his god Matthew Simmons was also a member of the same organization. The Council on Foreign Relations has a document on their website Building a North American Community.

Hemp, which is cheaper to produce, stronger, longer lasting than the alternatives is illegal because of corporate interests. I have to point out the fact Dupont is still selling toxic cancer causing products just like in Nazi Germany when they made chemicals. If hemp was legal, there would be plenty of biodegradable hemp paints, because it is cheaper, longer lasting paint than the nonsense they sell today.

Natural Hemp Finger Paint Set

Livos SALIS Natural Hemp Finger Paint Set for Kids. * Made from biodynamically-grown German hempseed oil. * Colors are made from natural mineral pigments * Use on paper, glass, stone, or wood * May be applied with fingers, brushes, sponges, cotton swabs, string or other applicators * NO VOCs * Lead-free *

This is a perfect example of the direction the world needs to go.


Bless you all anyway even if you can’t help me.

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent pot smokers. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception.

If you could promote my work online that would really help people getting informed instead of this sick game mainstream/alternative media are playing on us all ignoring, censoring and suppressing information. I can clearly see how the collapse propaganda is inducing a state of fear into many people, propaganda has millions of views online but truth is barely getting recognized. When the mind is in a state of fear, you bypass logic. Corruption is laughing all the way to the bank.

Take Care, Myles.


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  5. I removed the part in my blog post about my grandfather proudly fighting for Hitler. It was true. I don’t want to give some sick evil dis-info agents an excuse to further attempt to dis-credit my work based in attacking the messenger and ignoring science and reason by giving them an excuse to call me a nazi lover or anything stupid like that. In my videos Notice anything Wrong? and the second one with no music shows comparison between nazi germany and today, the nazis were just as gullible as people today. Led by the nose and duped by lies.

  6. The Satanic Psychopaths are professional pirates and thieves. Stealing your money, whether through the private issuing of your currency, or through government confiscation, is what they are good at. In response to the numerous requests for a description of how I see things playing out, I submit the following:

    1. First comes the silver and gold COMEX price suppression. In spite-of diminishing inventories in both metals, futures contracts and put options will continue to be manufactured against the markets. The goal is to keep the sheeple away from anything with real value during the plundering process. This will create a very real shortage of silver and gold as smart investors buy the metals at a deep discount.

    2. The Stock Market Crash comes first. Trillions of wealth will transfer hands as shorts against the S&P and other Indexes will continue to escalate. Insurance companies, banks, Mutual Funds, ETFs and other institutional investors will dump their holdings on command. Stock prices will go down, while Index Options capture all of the transferred wealth.

    3. Near the end of the market collapse the Federal Reserve will begin a series of interest rate hikes to trash all existing debt with a fixed interest rate. This will decimate the bond market. By the way, you can also buy Short Options against bonds and Call Options on Interest rates. More wealth transferred from the poor suckers that actually trust these people!

    • I agree. The only reason why cannabis is illegal, is because pirates took over our ship (planet earth) and are steering us towards collapse by intentionally engineering crisis, like economic collapse, world war 1, WW2, buying up alternative energy patents and suppressing them. They control the medical system we have today which use cancer causing chemicals and radiation to attempt to heal people. The medical system was created by John D. Rockefeller who actually never consumed any of his medicine he supported (medicine from chemicals) he himself used cannabis and lived to be 98 years old. Joke is on the public, cannabis is illegal because corporations want to make profit.

      The satanic Psychopaths have the public to thank for conforming to corruption. They own media and even go as far to control alternative media which is why I experience so much censorship from them, while observing alternative media ignoring/censoring the same information as mainstream media.

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