Depopulation Agenda

David Suzuki says growing the economy is “suicidal.” On what evidence is that conclusion based? David Suzuki exposes himself supporting the Depopulation Agenda. I am not claiming David Suzuki said he supports depopulation. David Suzuki is leading others to believe there is a population problem. I see no population problem, only ignorance.

Very deceptive way to saying there are too many humans on this earth. Other activists, and I have contacted David Suzuki along with giving information about scientific medical evidence that cannabis oil cures cancer, and he does not answer. 20,000+ die of cancers each DAY. His inaction is a choice.

Cannabis Hemp will sustain the economies of the world now, asteroid mining ensures there is more than enough resources to sustain human civilization for hundreds of millions of years at current growth trends. Growing hemp in space will also ensure less resources are used from asteroids so all the resources won’t eventually be all exhausted.

Bill Gates supports and invests into toxic corn ethanol, toxic vaccines, genetically modified organisms, genetically modified mosquito’s and other mad science.

Even with all this mad science, this earth can be repaired in no time, search “6 ways mushrooms can save the world” mushrooms, and hemp, repair toxic soil, hemp even repairs radioactive soil as used with Chernobyl.


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