Forbidden Cure

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. Why is legalizing and limiting our ability to grow Hemp more popular than repealing the law to make it null and void so we are free to grow as many plants as we want?

Corporations want to maintain profits selling poisons that cause cancer, while lobbying governments to keep this cure for cancer illegal! Enough of this madness. The laws are terrorism.

Croatia Seminar and Discussion


Three-hour event (3h) — seminar and discussion — by Rick Simpson

Quote: “My name is Rick Simpson and I am here to expose you information about the most medicinal plant known to man — hemp. Medical miracles are a common occurrence when using oil derived from this specific medicinal plant”

Rick Simpson marks 8 years of his miraculous discovery, disclosure and spread of information concerning the miraculous cure in the form of oil that is obtained from hemp plant — oil that cures almost all serious diseases like cancer, lymphoma, sarcoma, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, ulcers , burns, psoriasis, AIDS, diabetes, depression, hemorrhoids, blood and eye pressure, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, migraine, mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors), insomnia, scars …

Having cured himself of metastatic skin cancer 8 years ago, and subsequently many others from all over the spectrum of various serious and incurable illnesses, Rick has devoted his time to further research the oil, expanding public awareness and seeking the truth …

He wanted to share his invention with the rest of the world, however, was met with incredible resistance and lack of understanding by the authorities responsible for advocating for the welfare of people. These are various organs such as the pharmaceutical companies, government agencies for health, and UN offices.

Since then, Rick tries to reach as many people around the world via the Internet, various radio and television interviews and newspaper articles, so that people know their options and find out what is really happening — why is that medicine not available to everyone?

Also, Rick has held well-attended events throughout Europe, that is, in his words: “The best mean of informing the public, the place where I can directly reach the people.” Rick continues his beneficial mission of informing the public and so …

… For the first time in Croatia Rick Simpson is presenting in a three-hour event (seminar and discussion) information and knowledge gained from his 8 years of research and experience, under the organizer — the Spirit association from Rijeka.

After the Rick Simpson speech, the perception of health care and treatments that it offers, will be forever changed, and for the greatest skeptics, at least a bit, just to start looking the other side. In addition, you’ll be able to hear and find out direct from the cureall inventor, everything about the cure and its miraculous effects without any sideffects — a cure that cures almost all serious illness within 3 months. You’ll find out why is this cure not available in circulation around pharmacies, you’ll find out about cure history and treatments, how is it used today and what can be done. Also, you’ll find out about the use of hemp in a variety of industrial purposes, and many other important information … information that is fascinating in every respect. What is most important, for about an hour you will have the opportunity to personally ask what interests you about the information that you will hear on the speech!

This event takes the motto: “Knowledge for all people” and the aim is to broaden horizons and awaken attitudes, to encourage more people to think carefully about the drugs they are using daily, drug effects and health care in general. Based on the extremely important information that you will find out on the event, and your future personal research on the topic, you will maybe stop blindly accept what we call “law ” of health care institutions, and then we can work together to change it…


Global Stage Libya EU Council President Friend Of Gaddafi

All the world is a stage.

• European Parliament, Brussels – 16 March 2011

• Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD Group in the European Parliament (Europe of Freedom and Democracy)

• Extraordinary meeting of the Conference of Presidents with EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy

• Full Transcript:

Mr van Rompuy, I hope you resist the calls for military action this afternoon, indeed the Liberal leader, Mr Verhofstadt, made a very pro-war speech.

I hope you will resist that on the grounds that there is no legitimacy or consent for the European Union to take military action, and that experience shows that if you go into military action, that may be easy, but getting out of it can be rather more difficult, and getting involved in Libya could indeed be a Vietnam-type experience, so please, please resist it.

But on Colonel Gaddafi, himself – you’re quite right to say that what is happening in Libya is really very wrong indeed.

But of course we knew that even before the uprising. Just last year he declared a holy war – a jihad – against the Swiss; he tried to blackmail the European Union – do you remember? He said give us 5 billion euros or we’ll flood you with migrants.

And of course he’s the man who was happy to embrace Al Megrahi, the man who committed the biggest ever mass murder in British history.

But what you didn’t tell us in your speech was about the fact that you actually know Mr Gaddafi. Indeed you went to meet him in December didn’t you?

Do you remember? In fact there’s a jolly nice photograph of you and Mr Gaddafi holding hands – in fact I have to say, I’ve never seen you smiling more or looking happier. Perhaps he’s an old drinking mate. I don’t know!

But I wonder why? Why would you want to be photographed with Mr Gaddafi? And I put it to you that it could well be that since you were appointed as President of Europe – and your side-kick, the Noble Baroness Ashton became a High Representative for Foreign Affairs – that you know that you’ve been seen on the global stage like a couple of political pygmies.

As Wikileaks showed you were very unhappy that you weren’t being recognised – unhappy that you were snubbed by Obama – and here was the chance to go along and be accepted by a head of state.

I don’t think that you, there, parading with dictators, was a very good and sensible thing to do, indeed not just you. The British Labour government made similar mistakes. But I do ask you at this juncture – with the horrendous things that are going on in Libya – I do ask you:

Do you accept that it was an error of judgement to be photographed as recently as December with Colonel Gaddafi and would you please, if you do, apologise for it.

Thank you.

Alex Jones is spreading DISINFO

Alternative media has become a money making game, and celebrity based just like mainstream media it appears. I really suggest supporting the truth, don’t believe a single word anyone says, do your own research, and follow the science, verifying the sources. Alex Jones lied even going back to his fear based Y2k radio programming.

Diet is important, Alex Jones attempts to make fun of vegetarians/vegans by calling us grass eaters. Allan Watt agrees too. I don’t eat the grass you walk on. There are many slang terms to describe hemp including grass, marijuana, pot and many more. Hemp seeds are the most nutritional seed known to man and contain all the essential nutrients needed to live a long healthy life. I do not eat meat or dairy products at all, I grow my own organic fruits and vegetables as well. Hemp plants with moderate THC levels produce FAR more seed compared to the low THC strain of hemp.

Alex jones and Allan Watt could have been honest and said they were unsure about the science, but they present their BS belief system as if it were science, which is not science at all.

Listen to Alex Jones Y2K Broadcast for another crystal clear example of him spreading disinfo. = Mad Science publishes a lot of propaganda, misleading information downplaying threats to human health. Science is being used by mad scientists.

Because of false science like, and many other publications, truth is distorted, war is peace, ignorance is strength, poison is healthy. In the end the masses end up believing the new age cult propaganda.

Science is a great tool, when used correctly.

Depopulation Agenda

David Suzuki says growing the economy is “suicidal.” On what evidence is that conclusion based? David Suzuki exposes himself supporting the Depopulation Agenda. I am not claiming David Suzuki said he supports depopulation. David Suzuki is leading others to believe there is a population problem. I see no population problem, only ignorance.

Very deceptive way to saying there are too many humans on this earth. Other activists, and I have contacted David Suzuki along with giving information about scientific medical evidence that cannabis oil cures cancer, and he does not answer. 20,000+ die of cancers each DAY. His inaction is a choice.

Cannabis Hemp will sustain the economies of the world now, asteroid mining ensures there is more than enough resources to sustain human civilization for hundreds of millions of years at current growth trends. Growing hemp in space will also ensure less resources are used from asteroids so all the resources won’t eventually be all exhausted.

Bill Gates supports and invests into toxic corn ethanol, toxic vaccines, genetically modified organisms, genetically modified mosquito’s and other mad science.

Even with all this mad science, this earth can be repaired in no time, search “6 ways mushrooms can save the world” mushrooms, and hemp, repair toxic soil, hemp even repairs radioactive soil as used with Chernobyl.