Asteroid Mining Infinite Resources

Asteroid mining, even near earth asteroids would sustain civilizations, bring resources in decline on earth into abundance once again. There are practically an infinite number of asteroids in the universe, this solar system is small compared to the others, meaning that the amount of resources and energy that could be utilized far exeeds the resources and energy humans could ever try to consume!

A hemp industry is efficient and would solve so many problems, hemp products are stronger, last a lifetime and are non-toxic. Hemp plastic is biodegradable and stronger than steel! Hemp Fuel would make coal, nuclear, natural gas and other poisonous energy sources obsolete because Hemp is Superior and non-toxic.

Hemp uses less water no herbicides or pesticides. The first diesel fuel was made from oil pressed from hemp seeds. It’s non-toxic, a nitrogen fixer, grows well nearly everywhere, a renewable resource, makes food, fuel, paper, rope, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, housing and much more.

Growing hemp in space will also ensure less resources are used from asteroids so all the resources won’t eventually be all exhausted. Instead of wasting the water in the asteroid belt on fuel the water could be saved and used to sustain civilizations for an extended period of time.

High THC Cannabis oil cures cancers, research Rick Simpson, and watch the free documentary by Christian Laurette RUN FROM THE CURE. Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana has always been known for thousands of years to be a cure-all.

Hemp repairs toxic soil even radioactive soil, Mushrooms repair toxic soil within months, this earth can be repaired and civilization can become civilized for once.
If cannabis was abundant, planted everywhere, the few could not control the many.