More Censorship and Propaganda

I have received much censorship on the internet, especially in the so called truth movement. I have just been banned, or my account was removed of posting permissions from David Icke Forums. I have been banned in 100s of online forums by now, at least. I show my censorship at the zeitgeist movement in Truth Movement Fraud ; Hemp Fuel Revolution 2011 video. It is funny, as soon as I made that video, the zeitgeist movement removed the ban on my account.

I observed several topics just disappear from the David Icke forum before I was banned that were related to censorship on that site and others. This is a general warning to anyone who owns a website, or a forum, watch out for the trolls: COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum.

The more censorship that occurs, the more that individuals like me will start exposing the censorship for what it is. If I censor your rude comments, please be my guest and expose to the world what I censored from everyone.

I have censored plenty of comments on my blog and youtube calling Rick Simpson a snake oil salesmen, and other verbal attacks that are just pure insult, I censor rude comments like these. The trolls are working overtime, that is for sure. Rick Simpson is a man who does not sell any product, and lives in exile, therefore anyone calling him a snake oil salesmen is lying and full of deceit. Who would honestly waste their energy on attacking Rick Simpson unless they worked for corporations or government?

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media
COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of an internet forum
US Cyber Command

Propaganda Article Attacking Cannabis…again
Pothead says Marijuana is a Trap ILLUMINATI TOOL Henry Makow Ph.D
Have a good laugh and read the article. I did not laugh, that is just really, really stupid. The same guy, has a previous article on his website, suggesting you WATCH A MOVIE. TV/movies are drugs to escape reality. The hypocrisy is insane, and as you can see, the reefer madness propaganda still continues to this day, even from the alternative media! Almost everything in that propaganda article linked to, the opposite is true. If anything in that article was true, I would be too stupid to have started this blog, and I would have never made any videos that I have created, because supposedly ‘marijuana’ makes you lose motivation…

Also, that ‘pothead’ who wrote that propaganda article, posts evidence of how cannabis is non-addictive. For how else could he have ceased smoking right away? I’ll tell you that motivation is dependent on the individual, blaming drugs, especially cannabis, is a pathetic excuse to escape reality. Rehab brainwashes individuals to not do drugs, but cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, aren’t drugs at all, they are legal, they say. Yeah murder, theft and fraud are legal, does not make those actions lawful.

Fighting The Damage Caused By Radiation

After the horrible earthquake in Japan, that has caused all this damage to many of the nuclear reactors that are operating in that country, radiation is now spreading worldwide. With high levels of radiation being released into the atmosphere on a continuous basis, it will have a devastating effect on the lives of most living creatures. But once again if used properly high quality hemp oil can provide a solution that will be of great help to mankind in alleviating this situation. For years I have been telling the public, that every man woman and child on this earth, should be taking small doses of this oil everyday to maintain good health. With all the radiation that is now entering our atmosphere, it is basically urgent, that we now all start ingesting this oil as soon as possible to undo the damage this radiation will cause. Through my experience with the use of this oil, I have found that there is nothing more effective or more harmless that can reduce the damage caused by radiation. I have seen patients that were suffering from cancer who were badly damaged by the effects of radiation treatments, that were able to completely eliminate the damage in a short time. Some who have come to me that had radiation treatments, were burned so badly by its effects that their shin looked like red leather. After ingesting the oil treatment their skin went back to its normal healthy state and the radiation burns disappeared completely. If the oil can do this for someone that was badly damaged by such so called medical treatments, would its use not be effective to combat the effects of the radiation, now emanating from Japan.

There are thousands of reasons why the medicinal use of the cannabis plant, should never have been restricted in the first place. But now with the menace that all this escaping radiation presents, we would have to be insane to turn our backs on the use of hemp extracts to help us all deal with this situation. I truly feel sorry for the misery the people of Japan are now going through and if nothing can be done to stop the radiation from escaping, they may loose their homeland entirely. Don’t be fooled by government double talk, radiation is an invisible but dangerous threat to the well being of us all and only a complete fool would try to say otherwise. The wondrous medicinal effects of properly produced oil from the cannabis hemp plant are finally being recognized once more worldwide. This is just one more reason, we must begin to start growing this plant on a grand scale and it is time that we all told our governments that we have had enough of their nonsense. Our very lives and the lives of coming generations, plus the well being of many other species are at stake and its now up to us, to determine what future mankind is to have.

Best Wishes,

Rick Simpson

Article written by Rick Simpson. I hope everyone has heard of Rick Simpson, his website Phoenix Tears, and the movie RUN FROM THE CURE. Words of Wisdom.

Pollution before the earthquake that hit Japan, was still merit enough for everyone on this planet to be consuming quality HIGH THC Cannabis Hemp Oil to maintain good health. There are far too many sources of toxic, cancer causing pollution.

Cannabis is a neuroprotectant full of antioxidants.

India’s oldest woman dead at 125; Her secret: Cannabis

Plant cannabis/hemp/marijuana with high THC EVERYWHERE. Happy Healing and good luck!

Radiation is no reason to live in fear, especially considering cannabis cures cancer, and repairs toxic soil. Everyone has the power to repair this earth.

Nuclear Plants in America

The nuclear industry has a lot of investment for the future.