Poisonous Ontario Fruit

I asked a farmer today at the local farmers market, if the apples were organic, and they are sprayed with pesticides. He replied “how else will I grow them?” The same way apples have been grown organically for thousands of years. Why do farmers believe growing apples could have only been grown with the invention of pesticides? It’s not the farmers complete fault, government propaganda has many farmers following the law, therefore poisoning the food. Education dumbed down far too many to accept, whatever, as reality.


Filsinger’s orchard has been an organic orchard since 1953!

Our soils and trees have been balanced with seaweed extracts, trace minerals and compost. Our apples are grown without the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides
and we are certified organic by OCIA International.

I will be growing my own organic food. I buy my other organic fruits, hemp seeds at Commissos. Yes I know pasteurization is bad, I avoid pasteurization as much as I can, I don’t want to eat poison, and this seems like the logical choice for eating until I am harvesting my own. Lesser of 2 evils. If a supermarket is selling organic apples, and the farmers market sells poison apples, there is something really wrong with that picture. How can farmers poison the soil, and the food, and not expect anything to happen? You have to be poisoned, not to care. These farmers must believe harvesting apples is something new in life when pesticides were developed, why else would they think there is no other way? Apples are beautiful without pesticides.