GMO Alfalfa BioFuel Fraud

Toxic solutions are offered by the mainstream, where the safe, more efficient solutions are kept illegal.

A hemp industry is non-toxic, and would create millions of jobs worldwide. When fuel, food, fibre, medicine is grown locally, energy consumption dramatically reduces.

“Ethanol produced from cellulosic biomass is a sustainable and achievable alternative to help fuel America’s transportation system. At the same time, biomass crops must help support profitable agricultural systems, vital rural towns, and public demand for environmental protection.”

Alfalfa – The Best Biomass Energy Crop –

GMO Alfalfa does not provide environmental protection, just like corn ethanol which is toxic, yet this nonsense is supported by the mainstream. Hemp Ethanol Yields 6-10 times more than corn ethanol. Alfalfa yields 3 times more than corn ethanol. Is math only difficult for the government?


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