You are what You Eat

You are what you eat. The food, chemicals, that go into your body, determine your state of health and well being. Why bother taking vitamin pills when you can get all your nutrients from real organic food? There are some organic companies that outright lie, research for yourself, or even better, grow your own organic food to ensure you and your families health and well being.

My nutrients come from real food including hemp seeds, organic fruits and vegetables, organic fruit juices. I do not consume meat, fish, dairy, alcohol, or coffee. Your food intake is your choice. I really believed I needed meat to live for most of my life. I am living evidence that human beings do not need to eat meat, fish, or dairy to live a healthy life. You are free to eat what your heart desires!

I work around toxic chemicals all the time at work, my diet is good for my life and may not be for everyone. I used to weigh 235lbs 2.5 years ago, today I am 140lbs. I lost all my weight from eating raw food. I only stopped eating meat, dairy, drinking alcohol and coffee 14 months ago. Smoking cannabis heals my damaged lungs, allowing me to take deep full breaths, where without cannabis I breathe more heavily and wheezing is aparent. I have zero cravings or need for cannabis. Why should I have to suffer, just to make someone that does not care about my health, happy that I am not on ‘drugs’? I only started smoking cannabis at the age of 17-18, when I tried it, I never started smoking often until I was 20 when it became crystal clear to me cannabis is the only medicine on this planet that actually heals my lungs. I hated marihuana most of my life, I lied to myself and others just to stay away from weed for most of my life. I do not use cannabis to escape from reality, why would I want to escape reality, I love life! I ceased using my inhaler 2 years ago. The last time I used an inhaler, was an expensive one and induced a bad ashma attack on me, which then I threw $200 in the trash. Cannabis has stopped 3 full blown ashma attacks I have had. Since I ceased using the inhalers I have had no ashma attacks, or loss of breathe. I work without smoking cannabis in an environment with toxic MDF dust, toxic paints (even the good filters are still only good to a certain point). I speak of my cannabis experiences because of all the misinformation and nonsense that is out there, group think is a dangerous thing. Industry is toxic and needs to change. There is no reason why paints, oils, fuels, fibre, plastics should be made from toxic petroleum. It is better late than never to start changing the way things are.

The organic apple cider I drink comes in glass gallon bottles.

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