New Trailer

A new trailer. I am developing a better version of my film Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud. Just to note I am not saying economic collapse is not real, there are however, solutions that should be common knowledge. The remake of the film will be completed in either December or January. The film is taking long to complete because I do not have my own computer.

NASA’s blacker than black nano-technology changes everything. Something needs to transition modern civilization into something much more advanced and sustainable with attention on health and well being. With good health, the family unit can prosper. If do you not have your health, what do you have? Material objects are irrelevant when it comes to your well being. Wars are waged over resources. The solution is so simple, makes you wonder why governments and corporations do not want people growing their own cannabis, therefore having access to healthy food, non addictive medicine that cures most cancers, biodegradable fuel, plastic, fibre, and more.

Nano-technology – Blacker Than Black
Hemp Bio-Fuels could smoke the competition

Here is a film I stumbled upon recently that is related to Steven Harper’s speech.