Antarctica Mysteries

This discovery has been evolving, I won’t hesitate to update this further, the same applies to all my articles, if I can improve them, why not? More independent research is needed. The second video was made first.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator at Mars Anomaly Research has discovered some evidence of liquid water in antarctica. I suggest reading the article below. I will provide the photographs on this blog, this type of evidence could be quickly sanitized on the internet. So when/if google earth is sanitized even further, this evidence will hopefully still be all over the internet. Confirm for yourself on google earth. If there was nothing on the entire continent of Antarctica whats with all the image tampering? Whats with those white circles at the poles? Inner earth does not seem far off, especially considering the fact, that human beings have built underground nuclear bunkers, underground cities, underground mag-lev train systems. The underground in new york, or moscow is no secret. There are secret underground cities. The Navy has one, AUTEC, not anything special I just thought it was interesting to observe this military website be removed. I will affirm that there are other Area-51 type testing centers, that information is on a need to know basis, depending on your rank in the military industrial complex. Why do people need to take secrecy oaths to work in military, government, medical, law, banking? I recall reading, forgive me I can not recall at this time which website, it could have been british secret service or CIA, but they bragged how the weapons and gadgets James Bond used are nothing compared to what they test.

The entire scientific basis of the solid earth theory, revolves around an experiment, that makes the assumption the earth is solid, to test how fast a ball falls to the ground. I could throw a ball into the air, test how far it falls, and claim the earth is flat. Why are the poles not visible to the public? When War of the Worlds was broadcast over the radio, I read that people took it seriously and it caused a public panic. That rationalized, at the time, that the public can not know about aliens, alien spacecraft, or some types of knowledge, otherwise people go crazy right? Or is that just propaganda, all to rationalize the secrecy agenda? Maybe there was, at the time of the War of the worlds broadcast a CIA type group who, like the state funded police agent provocateurs who turn peaceful protests violent, created the violence necessary to rationalize the political views.

Below pictures taken recently from google earth that I discovered, a few anomalies in the same general area that J.P. Skipper at Mars Anomaly Research discovered.

Viking Orbital 1, 1976

Antarctic Anomalies Topic – Alien Anomalies Forum 2 above photographs modified by TheWatcher to increase clarity
Abandoned house
Crashed spacecraft?
Crashed spacecraft?

right angles

This antarctic evidence reminds me of data from Mars.

Antarctica Mysteries

Google Earth Primordial

New Report from Joseph P. Skipper, December 5, 2010
Antarctic Mysteries 2: Haswell Island

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