Computers are bad for your health

There is some truth in the saying ‘too much of anything can be bad for you.’ I would not apply that saying and belief to everything for example cannabis. Even too much water can kill you. To kill yourself smoking cannabis you would need to smoke about 1500 pounds in 15 minutes. Even the biggest smokers don’t even smoke a 1/4 pound in an hour, let alone an entire pound, or their body weight. Computers on the other hand are very damaging to human health. I am speaking from my personal experiences here having been really into computers, computer programming, website development, video games, and more. I have spent a lot of time on computers, and in 2006-2007 I spent much less time on the computer. I do not suggest being on the computer for no more than 3 hours a day and no longer than 30 minute intervals, take breaks. Computers produce a toxic dust, the parts are made in China, does that surprise you? If the parts of the computer were derived from cannabis plastic and fibre, and other safe alternative non-toxic parts, computers would pose much less of a risk to human health, then you would only worry about the time you spend on the computer.

The radiation wifi internet produces must be very damaging, why would countries ban wifi from schools? Makes you think why some nations insist on bringing wifi everywhere. The really messed up part with wifi is that the radiation, at certain extremes in its frequency can literally fry organic organs and tissue. So if the extremes are known, tested to fry organs, why are less versions of the same radiation widely accepted without research and proper experimentation? Sorry to say, but people using cellular phones, wifi, on a regular basis are treated the same as lab rats, there is no evidence wifi microwave radiation is safe. Even the soviet union banned microwaves.

I do not watch TV, I do not own a cell phone, and I use the computer a couple hours a day if I use it. I used to spend countless hours on the computer. I don’t play video games any more, why would I want to play or watch a reality when I can live my reality? You will notice I don’t post a lot, and I will most likely post less often into the future. There is a lot happening in the world right now, I defiantly recommend learning as much as possible, but at the same time, you need to find balance. I don’t even really listen to music. People listen to music like it was the new age religion. I do not group think, to agree music is the only way to find peace either. If music is so peaceful, which some of it really is beautiful, why do people need to get so aggressive and angry defending it? The birds are singing much better music than any human being in my opinion, why everyone is so tuned into the crap hollywood spits out, instead of tuning into nature is beyond my understanding.

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Antarctica Mysteries

This discovery has been evolving, I won’t hesitate to update this further, the same applies to all my articles, if I can improve them, why not? More independent research is needed. The second video was made first.

Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator at Mars Anomaly Research has discovered some evidence of liquid water in antarctica. I suggest reading the article below. I will provide the photographs on this blog, this type of evidence could be quickly sanitized on the internet. So when/if google earth is sanitized even further, this evidence will hopefully still be all over the internet. Confirm for yourself on google earth. If there was nothing on the entire continent of Antarctica whats with all the image tampering? Whats with those white circles at the poles? Inner earth does not seem far off, especially considering the fact, that human beings have built underground nuclear bunkers, underground cities, underground mag-lev train systems. The underground in new york, or moscow is no secret. There are secret underground cities. The Navy has one, AUTEC, not anything special I just thought it was interesting to observe this military website be removed. I will affirm that there are other Area-51 type testing centers, that information is on a need to know basis, depending on your rank in the military industrial complex. Why do people need to take secrecy oaths to work in military, government, medical, law, banking? I recall reading, forgive me I can not recall at this time which website, it could have been british secret service or CIA, but they bragged how the weapons and gadgets James Bond used are nothing compared to what they test.

The entire scientific basis of the solid earth theory, revolves around an experiment, that makes the assumption the earth is solid, to test how fast a ball falls to the ground. I could throw a ball into the air, test how far it falls, and claim the earth is flat. Why are the poles not visible to the public? When War of the Worlds was broadcast over the radio, I read that people took it seriously and it caused a public panic. That rationalized, at the time, that the public can not know about aliens, alien spacecraft, or some types of knowledge, otherwise people go crazy right? Or is that just propaganda, all to rationalize the secrecy agenda? Maybe there was, at the time of the War of the worlds broadcast a CIA type group who, like the state funded police agent provocateurs who turn peaceful protests violent, created the violence necessary to rationalize the political views.

Below pictures taken recently from google earth that I discovered, a few anomalies in the same general area that J.P. Skipper at Mars Anomaly Research discovered.

Viking Orbital 1, 1976

Antarctic Anomalies Topic – Alien Anomalies Forum 2 above photographs modified by TheWatcher to increase clarity
Abandoned house
Crashed spacecraft?
Crashed spacecraft?

right angles

This antarctic evidence reminds me of data from Mars.

Antarctica Mysteries

Google Earth Primordial

New Report from Joseph P. Skipper, December 5, 2010
Antarctic Mysteries 2: Haswell Island

Operation Highjump Photo Gallery

Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud

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Are there really limited solutions that require sacrifice to solve the economic crisis/peak oil, which are related. Why do you think the big oil companies are going into oil sands, offshore and drilling in deep water if there was this abundance of oil? Everything the oil companies do harm the environment to the extreme, and effects the health of all inhabitants on the planet. Does one plant provide bio-degradable fuel, plastics, paints, oils, along with the best medicine that cures even cancer, the best fibre on planet earth with the best flexibility and strength, the most nutritional seed on the planet. See for yourself. All the profit making companies that are relevant to the current dominant oil culture would go bankrupt if this one plant was utilised to its true capabilities.

If you are a slow reader, pause when you see text.

‘A new space policy for Europe’ at the European Parliament

‘A new space policy for Europe’ at the European Parliament

29 October 2010
“Space represents our future”. “Europe could become world leader in a certain number of domains that use space.” These were some of the statements made by top-level European leaders at the conference held at the European Parliament’s hemicycle on 26-27 October under the theme ‘A new space policy for Europe’.

The focal point of the different debates was the new dimension that the Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force on 1 December 2009, provides for the European Space Policy and for Europe’s ambitions in the exploitation and exploration of space.
The conference highlighted the many opportunities space offers as a tool in European policy development and as a value-adder to stakeholders in industry and civil society.

“There is no competitiveness without Research and Innovation. Space is a domain where innovation is the engine. We must reinforce investments in space”, declared Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, who also stressed that “Space Policy is not only about satellites and launchers, but is also about providing concrete answers to the needs of European citizens.” He also declared that “Space represents our future”.

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, emphasised the political and strategic dimension of space for Europe: “We must promote Europe as a space power. To achieve this, we must build on the experience of ESA,” explained Mr Van Rompuy. “ESA should be reinforced in order to obtain full responsibility for the implementation of the Space missions that Europe’s status of world power requires.”

Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of ESA, highlighted the importance of the Lisbon Treaty for space, for Europe and for ESA. Mr. Dordain recalled that “thanks to its Member States, Europe is leader in space science and technology and the European space industry and operators are among the most competitive of the world”. He also stressed that “the new competences of the European Union in space should allow Europe to be stronger in the world and to become world leader, through the relevant EU policies, in a number of domains that use space (environment, climate change, management of natural or man-made disasters, maritime surveillance, air traffic control, aid to development, security)” .“We must work all together towards achieving this”, concluded Mr. Dordain.

Speakers at the conference explored the many facets of space policy, emphasising the possibilities in the sector and the strong performance of ESA in ensuring Europe’s leadership in space. As Navigation and Earth Observation programmes continue to mature, opportunities are opening up for many new services. By exploiting these opportunities in space services, Europe is becoming increasingly well-positioned to take global leadership not only in space but also in the services space can offer its citizens.

ESA and the EU have been working together closely for many years, notably on flagship programmes covering satellite navigation like Galileo and EGNOS, and on the Earth Observation programme, GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).

The event in Brussels was co-organised by the Sky and Space Intergroup of the European Parliament and Business Bridge Europe, and included an impressive roster of actors in European space policy from the European Union, the Member States and industry. Vittori Prodi, member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the “Sky and Space” intergroup declared that: “The US spends in space the equivalent of six times the combined budget of EU countries. Only by working together can we maximise the collective impact of Europe”.

By participating actively in the different panel discussions, Members of the European Parliament actively demonstrated their shared vision on the importance of the space sector for the future of Europe. When closing the Conference, Sabine Laruelle, Belgian Minister in charge of Science Policy and representative of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union concluded: “The Lisbon Treaty gives increased competences to the European Union on Space Policy. I express the wish that the three institutions, the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament fully embrace the new competences and move the European Space programme forward.”

Building Europe’s vision for space exploration

Adolf Hitler dreamed of a European Union. The EU is nothing more than a military dictatorship. I bolded something very relevant quoted from Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council. Promote the EU as a “space power”, “world power”? Where have I heard that before, oh yes, of course, Adolf Hitler. The rationalization from Van Rompuy, is that America spends a whole lot more on its space domination, therefore so must the EU strive to be a world power. Power, suggests military. There is much more going on here, than meets the eye.

An international vision for space exploration

22 October 2010
A shared vision for space exploration came into sharper focus this week when European ministers, space executives and international representatives met to discuss their ambitions for future space exploration.

Given its importance, more than 150 people attended the second International Conference on Space Exploration from 32 countries, including eight countries from outside Europe. Most of the major international space agencies were represented. ESA, the European Commission, members of the European Parliament, scientific and trade associations also attended the event in Brussels, 21 October.

The Conference unanimously concluded that action is needed now to ensure that Europe has a significant role in future space exploration. It confirmed that space exploration is a driver for innovation, developing new technologies and making scientific discoveries, but also a political and global endeavour

As a result of the constructive atmosphere, the Conference ended with the unanimous decision that concrete action is needed in four main areas, with specific actions for Europe (see link in right hand side bar).

All delegations agreed to meet next year in Italy for the first meeting of a high-level ‘platform’ to work together on the future of space exploration.

The Conference at Ministerial level was co-organised by the Belgium EU Presidency, the European Commission, the Italian Presidency of the ESA Council and ESA.

E. Actions for Europe
Against this background, the EU, ESA and their Member States are invited to:
>Examine the feasibility of a European space exploration strategy building on existing
competences, strengths and priorities;
>Support the extension of ISS at least until 2020 and strive for its exploitation. Seek that ISS
utilisation is made accessible to all ESA and EU Member States to optimise and broaden
European scientific, technological and operational returns. Study together with the ISS partners
the potential opening up of ISS utilisation to additional non-European participants;
> Initiate further reflection on an international common space exploration transportation policy;
> Establish in 2011 long-term roadmaps and associated programmes for technology , in particular
in critical areas such as life support, automation and robotics, novel energy sources and storage
and advanced propulsion;

>On the basis of the proposed international high level space exploration platform, organise its
first meeting by end 2011.

In my film Peak Oil, Economic Collapse are a Fraud, I propose a solution to the global economic, social and political crisis.